Graduate School of Pharmacy

Message from the Dean of the graduate school

Modern medicine is in need of continuous advances and changes. As science progresses and various diseases are understood at the molecular level, there is an urgent need to train pharmacists with high expertise, to develop, discover and deliver more effective and safer drugs. If we can solve the problems that arise in a clinical practice through basic research, it will enable to create a positive collaboration between basic research and clinical field for further development. The Graduate School of Pharmacy aims “to train pharmacists with a mindset of the scientist with excellent research skills and problem-solving abilities, not only in the field of basic research, but also in clinical settings.” We look forward to your enrollment as a future researcher or pharmacist who will play an active role in the collaboration between clinical settings and education/research field.

Dean of the Graduate School of Pharmacy (Professor / Doctor of Pharmacy)
  Katsuhide Terada