Graduate School of Health Care

Message from the Dean of the graduate school

Aiming to become an advanced heath care professional

 With Japan’s declining birthrate and aging population, the structure of disease and disability changing significantly along with changes in social structure and lifestyles, a health consciousness among Japanese people increasing, we are facing new social, economic, and health care challenges, including the issue of nursing care. For such reason, there is a need for the enhancement of the integrated community care system that involves multiple professionals. At times like this, the role of nursing professionals, including nurses, midwives and public health nurses, and that of physiotherapists, have become even larger and more diversified. Our society has high expectations for the nurses and physiotherapists with excellent quality and a high level of expertise.
 In order to cultivate the practical skills with advanced expertise, the Graduate School of Health and Welfare researches the subjects in health sciences and aims to realize the education with a view of cultivating teaching qualities. As we believe, the basis of postgraduate education is to develop the highly specialized knowledge and technologies through in-depth inquiry into the unknown challenges and to improve the instructive quality with communication skills to convey the knowledge and technologies. In addition, the study of midwifery in the major of nursing will qualify the students to take the national midwifery examination. Developing a mindset of interprofessional collaboration is also important at the same time.
 The university promotes globalization in line with “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” that the United Nations pursue.” The World Health Organization (WHO), a leading organization in the field of health care, advocates “Universal Health Coverage (UHC)”. In this context, there is a strong interest in improving the quality of the health workforce, such as nurses, midwives, health workers and physiotherapists. We will be expecting the enrollment of students with a willingness to listen sincerely to the demands of the international community and a motivation to cultivate their own abilities to respond flexibly and creatively to new issues that arise.

Dean of the Graduate School of Health Care (Professor / Doctor of Medical Science)
 Hideomi Watanabe