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We develop new pharmacists who can contribute for team medicine.

Society currently demands pharmacists with high expertise. In particular, training of pharmacists as paramedic is essential. Particularly, strong communication skills are required for communicating with doctors and professional members. The department trains pharmacists to have a high level of knowledge and problem solving ability regarding medicine and drugs, and for providing team medical care. In addition, it opens the avenues for them to become a hospital pharmacist or research coordinator.

By keeping the group size small,
we aim to cater to the learning requirements of every student.

Small groups of 90 persons each year have helped us create a rich environment in which teachers and students can come face-to-face, through the advisor system in which one teacher guides 4 to 5 students. We aim to inculcate values such as humanity, sociality, and internationality on the minds of the pharmacists trained at the department, and give them detailed education catered to the learning requirements of each and every student.

Students from our department are taught medical science by
the professors who have abundant experience as researchers.

Under the concept of “background research is in terms of imparting education that reflects identity,” the department has a group of professors having abundant experience to guide the students in the subjects that they have mastered through their personal experience. Furthermore, by strengthening student exchange programs within the university, we give them a chance to gain a variety of knowledge and skills. In addition, we collaborate with the local hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and schools of medicine at the universities within the prefecture to create opportunities for our students whereby they can learn how to develop practical skills. These institutions also give practical training and internship opportunities to the students.

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