Faculty of Health Care Department of Physical Therapy

With reliable rehabilitation techniques and communication skills,
to support people as a physiotherapist

If your skill and presence can ease people’s pain and physical difficulties, isn’t that wonderful?
How about cultivating the skill with kindness towards those with difficulties and acquiring the power to support them?

Physiotherapists play active role in various fields

Physiotherapists are the specialists who carry out rehabilitation of the people with physical disabilities developed due to a disease or injury, with the hope that they can lead a normal social life as soon as possible. Demand for physiotherapists is growing in order to prevent disabilities in the field of sports and due to the aging society. In the actual work, they perform exercise therapy and physical therapy, etc. focusing on improving the basic movements such as sitting, standing, walking, with an aim to solve the various problems that arise in daily life. The scope for this field is expanding, not only in medical institutions, but also in community medicine such as care and welfare facilities, sports, home-visits and outpatient rehabilitation, and will continue to do so in the future.

Features of this department

1. Enhancement of specialized education

Enhancement of clinical professors and 70 specialized subjects

2. Cultivation of rich humanity and practical skills

Enhancement of human, environment, and international subjects. Seminars are conducted in small groups and problem-based education is imparted.

3. An environment has been created where students can learn to play an active role in team medical care

There is a place where one can learn on the same campus as other job types and interact with them.
Other professions for which courses are offered by the university = nursing, registered dietitian, pharmacy, social work, and medical assistance (please refer to our website)

4. An environment in which it is easy to learn

Academic fees are the most affordable among private universities

5. Education in small groups

Admission capacity of the department: 40 students

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Faculty of Health Care
Department of Physical Therapy