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Acquiring advanced specialized knowledge and techniques Opening the path to a registered dietitian having leadership ability

In this society where we get a plethora of information on food and nutrition each day, there is a huge demand for dietitians and registered dietitians who have more accurate and specialized knowledge of the subject and technical expertise, in addition to leadership and rich sense of humanity. The department assists students to accurately understand food function and body mechanisms, and practice basic as well as clinical research on food, nutrition, and health. Students study about food, nutrition, and health, such as the relation of food life and eating habits, health maintenance and promotion, life style improvement, chronic disease prevention, nutrition guidance for medical treatment.

Qualifications to play an active role in the food and nutrition field are ready.

At the same time as graduation, certification as a dietitian can be obtained, and it is possible to take the national registered dietitian exam by mastering certain subjects. Moreover, license as a nutrition educator who can provide dietary education through school meals, eligibility to take the examination for food specialists and NR/supplement advisors, as well as the qualifications to become a food sanitation supervisor or food sanitation inspector can be obtained. Students who want to acquire advanced expertise can proceed to the graduate school.

Various trainings and experiments have been made available
Students systematically study about food and nutrition

Curriculum to systematically study about food function, nutrition, and body mechanism has been prepared. In addition to the lectures, focus is placed on practice, experiments and training, and developing practical skills though experience. Inside the university, advanced knowledge and skills are acquired by the students, who perform experiments in biochemistry, bromatology, food hygienics, practice of gastrology, clinical nutrition, food service management, etc. During off-campus training, students go to places such as food service facilities, welfare facilities for the elderly, and hospitals in order to learn the basic work of registered dietitians.

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