Faculty of Health and Welfare Department of Healthcare Informatics

Human resources are trained to utilize advanced information technology in the field of health and medicine.

Digitization of the health and medical field is rapidly progressing these days. The Health and medical field is highly specialized, the information handled is varied, and high level information technology including security is required. This faculty trains specialists who can carry out digitization of the health and medical field to acquire specialized knowledge in both health and medicine, and information technology. After graduation, these specialists are expected to participate actively in various fields including university hospitals, local core hospitals, dispensing pharmacies, companies related to the medical field, IT companies, and other general companies. Students who want to further their knowledge in their area of specialization and technology can proceed to graduate school.

Get dual certification in medicine and information

Accredited school for eligibility requirements for examination for “health information manager”
Accredited school for morning examination exemption of “fundamental information technology engineer”

The department seeks to thoroughly share the specialized knowledge regarding both health and medicine and skills in information technology, and assist students to acquire dual qualification in medicine and information. During the 1st year, students learn the basics of medicine and information, but the curriculum from the 2nd year onwards is constructed in such a way that students can choose which certification to obtain on priority. A support system has been established to obtain the certification in the field of medicine mainly as an assistant medical manager and health information manager. A similar support system has been established for obtaining an IT passport certification and a certification in Applied as well as Fundamental Information Engineer.
Moreover, seminars are arranged and advisors are on hand to provide support for certification and student support.

Medical Informatics Project

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