Students’ Posts


My name is Melody, and I am from Zimbabwe. I am a master student at the department of pharmacy. I am doing research on the prostaglandin transporter and how its transcription is affected by cigarette smoking. I hope to proceed to do my doctorate at this university after finishing this course. Honestly speaking, Takasaki has a different pace compared to previous universities I studied and I love my life here. All the people have been very friendly and quite helpful in times of need even though my Japanese skills are not the good. Takasaki is a place you can come to learn and experience a new culture and I would recommend coming here if crowded cities or big universities are not for you. My studies are mostly about research and here I also get the most support. I could not ask for a better environment that encourages one to study. Another important thing for me about Takasaki is the weather. It is not as cold as other places in Japan. I encourage you to come to visit our university to experience more about this university and Takasaki city.

Woo Yunje

I am Woo Yunje from Korea. I came to Japan in 2017 to study at the pharmacy department of Takasaki University of Health and Welfare. Thanks to the support of friends and the exceptional system of individual professor advisory, in which one is supported both academically and also in daily life matters as well of working in small study groups, I have been able to enjoy studying the difficult field of pharmacy. It is greatly helpful for an international student like me. I am proud of being a member of TUHW and endeavor to achieve my dream of becoming a successful pharmacist in Japan.