Activities and Projects

Student exchange program -Study tour-

1. Australia | Sydney  Eligible participants: All Departments

[ Visit : 17 days during Summer holiday ]

During the 2-week “Communication Skills in English” course offered by the University of Sydney, students improve their overall abilities while joining students from around the world. Students are introduced to life in Sydney at arrival with a day program from “Urban Challenges”, where teams compete by overcoming many hurdles all over the city to obtain the bragging title of ‘Street Smartest’. While home-staying with local families, students use their spare time to explore, learn the culture, interact with nature and also have fun facing the unexpected.

2. Finland | Jyvaskyla  Eligible participants: All Departments

[ Visit : 12 days during Summer holiday / Invite : 10 days during Spring holiday]

Students from the two countries will visit the welfare facilities, hospitals, etc. in each other’s country to learn the difference in the educational, medical and welfare systems between Japan and Finland and deepen their knowledge from the perspective of their respective fields of expertise. Active interactions between students, such as a lakeside walk and sauna experience in Finland or sports and temple visits in Japan, will be an opportunity to learn about the culture of another.

3. Vietnam | Ho Chi Minh  Eligible participants: All Departments

[ Visit : 12 days during Spring holiday / Invite : 10 days in October]

In this program, the students from both universities are grouped by department and learn about their particular field in each other’s country. The opportunity to visit local hospitals and welfare facilities provides valuable insight into the local system. Moreover, activities organized by students are great fun every year. It is a popular program that enables to cultivate international friendship and also immersion into learn each other’s culture and customs.

4. Germany | Frankfurt  Eligible participants: All Departments

[ Visit : 10 days during Summer holiday / Invite : 9 days in Spring holiday]

As a program to learn the welfare situation of each other’s country, students will visit hospitals, welfare facilities, NPO, etc. along with the lectures at university. By learning about and discussing the challenges that both countries are facing with their declining and aging populations, the students will understand each other’s history and culture from the perspective of welfare. Cultural interaction between students, such as watching a soccer match in Germany and watching the Wadaiko (Japanese drums) in Japan, provides memorable experiences that bond students from both countries.

5. Germany | Dusseldorf  Eligible participants: Department of Child Education

[ Visit : 10 days during Summer holiday ]

In this educational program, student will visit a Japanese kindergarten/school as well as local elementary school to learn the education differences between both countries. Moreover, students have the opportunity to participate in fun activities such as a BBQ party with local university students as well as staff of the kindergarten.

6. Germany | Frankfurt, Munich  Eligible participants: Department of Physical Therapy

[ Visit : 12 days during Summer holiday / Invite : 11 days in Spring holiday ]

This extremely attractive program, both academically and culturally, allow students to deepen their knowledge with a hospital visit, lectures, practical trainings and group work in each other’s country. In addition, homestay in the student’s home throughout the program (both as guests and hosts) will offer an unforgettable experience of bonding that lasts a lifetime.

7. Thai | Bangkok  Eligible participants: Department of Nursing

[ Visit : 10 days during Spring holiday / Invite : 10 days in October]

This university exchange program with the university of Thammasat brings students from each country to will deepen their knowledge of each other’s medical system through hospital visits, lectures and discussions allowing to learn about the positive differences between both countries. Students will see nursing from an international perspective, aiming to be a nurse who can adapt to a diverse society. Friendship as always around the corner!