International Affairs

International Affairs


Welcome to our International Affairs page at Takasaki University of Health and Welfare. Our office is pretty new by the standards of the long history of our University but in this short time we have come a long way in trying to bring our institution to connect with different countries spanning the world.

After signing MOU’s with Indonesia, Germany, Vietnam and Taiwan, we have followed through with several exchange programs that allow our students and the students from those countries to get to know each other and plant the seeds of a long lasting friendship.
Several other agreements with different offices from University of Sydney and Adelaide University have opened the doors for our students to participate in summer courses for the improvement of their communication and social skills.

Our International Affairs’ Office supports all foreign students that want to join us in the quest of a better future. We want to encourage you to contact us for any information related to our University to know more about the kind of support you will receive if you decide to join us in any of the different faculties.

These are exciting times and we would like to share themwith you.

Professor,Department of Health Informatics Director,Center of International Affairs

Christopher F. Tarn