Spend a precious and irreplaceable time with friends to grow together

University life is an opportunity to make new friends, learn together, encourage each other to work hard and make countless happy memories. Our university has a wide variety of events and extracurricular activities.

Annual Event Schedule

Entrance ceremony (April)


  • Entrance ceremony
  • Orientation
  • Beginning of the first semester
  • General student meeting
  • New student welcome party
  • Recruitment to the clubs and circles
  • First year guidance (Club Introduction)
  • Club representative meeting and activity planning
  • Sports day preparatory meeting


  • Golden week


  • EIKEN (English-Proficiency Tests) and ICT Proficiency Tests
Open campus (July)


  • The first-semester examination
  • Club activity report
  • Disaster prevention training
  • Open campus


  • Summer holiday
  • Club’s training camp
  • Entry for AO self-recommendation entrance examination begins
  • Open campus


  • Intensive course period
  • Overseas Study Programs
  • Beginning of the second semester
  • AO self-recommendation entrance examination
Toryusai Campus festival (October)


  • Public lectures
  • Gunma private university sports festival
  • Toryusai (Campus Festival)
  • Sports day


  • Entrance examinations with recommendations
  • Special entrance examination (mature students / overseas students / Japanese returnees) (the first date)
  • Club representative meeting
  • General student meeting


  • Winter holiday
Graduation ceremony (March)


  • The second-semester examination
  • Common Test for University Admissions
  • Club activity report
  • General entrance examination: Schedule A (1)
  • National examination for Certified social worker and Certified care worker


  • Intensive course period
  • General entrance examination: Schedule A (2)
  • Special entrance examination (mature students / overseas students / Japanese returnees) (the second date)
  • Foundation day (Feb. 10)
  • General entrance examination: Schedule B
  • National Examination for Nurse, Public Health Nurse, Midwife, Physical Therapist, and Pharmacist


  • Graduation ceremony
  • Spring holiday
  • Spring open campus
  • National examination for Registered Dietitian