Campus and Facilities

With excellent facilities and equipment
A stage of learning where possibilities can be unlocked

The campus of the Takasaki University of Health and Welfare is located 20 minutes by bus from the JR Takasaki Station, in a rich green environment of the suburbs of Takasaki City. Building 1, which serves as the entrance to the university, and other new college buildings, all equipped with the latest facilities, are lined up in a functional manner. With a completion of the new building dedicated to the Department of Applied Biological Science, the Faculty of Agriculture, in 2019, a learning environment as a comprehensive university in the field of health, medicine and welfare, is well provided.

Building 1

The 6-story Building 1 is an edifice with main facilities of the university, including administrative offices and laboratories. It is equipped with large and small lecture rooms, Computer Lab with the latest equipment, laboratory and practical training rooms, and seminar rooms for students so that they can have a fulfilling student life.


Building 1 Lecture Room

There are 11 lecture rooms on the second floor that can accommodate small group seminars to lectures with large numbers of students. The halls are designed to have sufficient natural lighting, so classes can be conducted in a bright environment.

Building 1 Computer Lab

A total of 120 computers equipped with the latest technology is installed on the third and sixth floor. Students can use them freely even outside of class time.

Building 2

The oval-shaped Building 2, adjacent to Building 1, is a place for students to deepen their learning and communication. The library boasts a collection of approximately 70,000 books (as of April 2019). The students gather in the student hall and cafeteria for dining, relaxation and refreshment. On the second floor, there are two lecture rooms and the Learning Support Center that provides general learning support for students in their daily studies and the preparation for a qualification.

Building 3

The Building 3 serves exclusively for practical trainings provided in the Department of Physical Therapy. The “Exercise Training Room” and other facilities are equipped with the latest technology that is actually used in the medical and research practices. There is a computer lab on the first floor with a capacity of 80 people at a time.

Building 4

The Building 4 is an administration building for the Faculty of Health Care. There is a lecture hall on the fourth floor with a capacity of 150 people.

Building 5

As the main building of the Faculty of Health Care, the Building 5 with eight floors above ground is an academic space with large and small lecture rooms, practice and exercise rooms and also laboratories. There is a library branch located on the first floor, and also a canteen serving as a place of communication for students, cafe and campus shop.

Building 6

The building with a gymnasium and a well-equipped fitness room. In addition, a large lecture room that can accommodate 300 people, one of the largest classrooms in the university, is used for various purposes such as lectures, speeches and events.

Building 7

An educational facility with the up-to-date equipment specially for a 6-year course at the Faculty of Pharmacy. The building has state-of-the-art facilities including “Simulated Pharmacy”, various laboratories such as the “Animal Laboratory” and also the latest equipment such as the “Pharmaceutical Information Search Room.”

Building 8

This building is dedicated for the Faculty of Human Development. It has a playroom and monitor room on the first floor used by the “Child and Family Support Center.” There is also a multipurpose event hall which can be used for various events. The “Kyowakan”, a Japanese drum (Taiko) training facility, is located on the west side of the building.

Building 9

Building 9 is a new building for the Department of Child Education, with various classrooms for specialized practical training. In addition to the classrooms, there are facilities on the first floor such as the “Career Support Center”, the “ Voluntary action Support Center”, the “Support Center for Teaching Programs” and the “Center of International Affairs.”

Building 10

This building is dedicated to the Faculty of Agriculture, which opened in 2019. Aiming for the development and expansion of “aggressive agriculture”, it comprises facilities and equipment for the systematic study of food science and agriculture.

Gymnasium 1

Gymnasium 1, which has two basketball courts, is located on the second floor of Building 6, connected through a passageway from Building 1. It is mainly used for classes and club activities, but students may use it freely to enjoy sports when it is not occupied.

Gymnasium 2

Gymnasium 2 adjacent to Building 5 is fully air conditioned. The first floor is equipped with an arena with a stage, changing rooms and shower rooms, while club rooms are located on the second floor.

Tennis Court (4 courts)

Four tennis courts with the night lighting are mainly used for classes, club activities, as well as recreation for the faculty staff. Those are also used in the evenings and on holidays for club activities carried out by affiliated high schools.

Futsal Court

Completed in 2009, the Futsal court has two artificial turf fields and equipped with a night lighting system. The quality of the artificial turf, adopted to world tournament level competitions, including the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2007, is close to the natural turf with excellent cushioning properties.

Fitness Room

A fitness room with a variety of weight-training equipments on the third floor of Building 6 can be used freely between 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM that serves in maintaining and improving the health of students and of faculty members, as well as to strengthen their physical strength. Showers are installed in the locker room located on the 4th floor.

Athletic Ground

The athletic ground, located on the south side of Building 1, is a 250 meter all-weather track equipped with nighttime lightings. The central multipurpose field is used not only for classes and club activities but also for events.

Imako Sudo Memorial Hall

The founder of the university, Ms. Imako Sudo, passionately committed to the creation of rich human beings based on the belief of “gratitude, service and harmony.” The memorial hall, located on the north side of Building 5, is a symbol that honors the continuation of the teacher’s educational philosophy and achievements.


Student Hall

Located on the second floor of Building 2, the student hall is mainly used as a dining area for students. It is popular among students and faculty staff because of nutritious meals offered at reasonable prices.



The canteen on the first floor of Building 5 is always crowded with students and faculty staff. A wide variety of dishes are available at low prices.



The cafeteria Sunflower on the first floor of Building 2 is popular for its hearty meal for lunch. It has become a communication space for students.


Campus Shop

(Maruzen Campus Shop)
The campus shops are located on the second floor of Building 2, the first floor of Building 5 and the first floor of Building 10. As well as deli food, baked goods, snacks and drinks, the shops also sell technical books and stationery for study.
・Building 2 (8:45 – 17:00)
・Building 5 (8:45 – 17:00)
・Building 10 (8:45 – 17:00)


University Clinic

University Clinic is a place for research and practical training at Takasaki University of Health and Welfare. It is also a medical institution close to local residents.


Career Support Center

The career support center provides total support to students for job hunting and follow-up after graduation. The aim of the center is to raise the employment rate of job seekers to 100% by making full use of our thorough and careful guidance system and abundant information. In addition, the center is expanding our information gathering network year by year by developing job opportunities not only in Gunma Prefecture, but also in students’ hometowns and in the Tokyo metropolitan area.


Voluntary action Support Center

Voluntary action Support Center accepts volunteer requests from welfare facilities, schools, organizations, hospitals, etc. located in Gunma Prefecture. Full-time coordinators provide information, coordinate communication, and provide advice to students.


Child and Family Support Center

At the Child and Family Support Center, specialists in the medical, nutrition, childcare and welfare fields provide free counseling to local people or professionals about problems related to family, child rearing and nursing care.
Child and Family Support Center