Information and Communications Technology (ICT) plays a vital part in the functioning of our world and more so in the world of medical information. Hospitals, healthcare companies, municipalities, insurance companies, finance and information service companies have come to depend entirely on the proper and advanced management of this technology.

The department of Healthcare Informatics offers a course that integrates the applications of computing and medical information and data systems in the medical environment and introduces the concepts and technologies of the Web.

You will learn to design, develop, create, and organize computer systems required to work in the world of medicine and beyond with the purpose of addressing the needs of the community. Beginning from the 3rd year you can choose from a medical course or Information Administration course.

In addition, the course can extend in any direction depending on your needs and we will prepare you to obtain all the different certificates for the appropriate disciplines which will allow you to work in the field of your choice ranging from schools to libraries.