The Faculty of Human Development aims to foster people who commit themselves to child education and who can work effectively in fields of preschool education, elementary education and secondary education including special needs education. It has the following two courses: the Early Childhood Education Course and the Teacher Training Course.

The Early Childhood Education Course covers a wide range of subjects related to educational policies, well-refined teaching skills, and aptitude to comprehend the psychologies of children or students including those mentally and/or physically handicapped. Students in this course will earn different teaching certificates, which are required for teaching at each level of schooling, such as preschool, elementary school and special needs school.

The basic aim of the Teacher Training Course is to educate students to become competent and skilled teachers of elementary school, junior high school and special needs school. This course focuses on developing English proficiency and international sensibility through the comprehensive study of British and American literature, English linguistics and the methods of teaching English.