This course trains students to work as physiotherapists who evaluate and treat patients with temporary or long -term physical injuries, movement disorders or disability, aiming to achieve the highest possible degree of recovery, activity, participation and quality of life. With the aging of our society, students will develop rehabilitation techniques to deal with most basic needs of the elderly such as sitting, standing and walking.
There is emphasis to create an expanded environment by enhancing the chances to interact with other fields including healthcare professionals, social workers, pharmacists and dietitians. We also aim at creating an international environment to adapt to the globalization of our societies.


 Qualification for receiving National Certified Physical Therapy Examination
 Qualification for receiving Certified Health Fitness Programmer Examination (Selective Course)


<Compulsory Subjects>
Freshmen (1st-year grade)
Human Development / Life Science / Health Science / Lifelong Health Promotion / English / Biochemistry / Anatomy and Physiology / Clinical Medicine / Nutrition / Public Health / Inter professional Medicine / Introduction of Rehabilitation / Introduction of Physical Therapy / Early Clinical Practicum

Sophomore (2nd-year grade)
Pharmacology / Clinical Medicine / Orthopedics / Neurology / Kinesiology / Basis of Physical Therapy / Physical Agents / Physical Therapy Evaluation Method / Activities of Daily Living / Functional Assessment / Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy / Neurological Physical Therapy / Internal Physical Therapy / Clinical Practicum of Functional Assessment (first-half)

Junior (3rd-year grade)
Diagnostic Imaging / Clinical Kinesiology / Movement Analytics / Living Environmental Support / Problem-based Learning (first-half) / Physiotherapy Techniques / Developmental Physiotherapy / Risk Management / Rehabilitation English / Physical Therapy Study / Statics for Rehabilitation / Graduation Study (first-half) / Clinical Practicum of Functional Assessment (second-half)

Senior (4th-year grade)
Community-based Physiotherapy / Physiotherapy on Preventative Care for Elderly People / Problem-based Learning (second-half) / Graduation Study (second-half) / Comprehensive Clinical Practicum

<Selective Subjects>
Psychology / Ethics / Logic / Literature / Sociology / Economics / Biology / Chemistry
Constitution of Japan / Medical English / Primary French / Chinese / International Relations / Comparative Anthropology / Computer Training
Pathology / Surgery / Geriatric Gerontology / Pediatric Medicine / Women’s Health / Speech Therapy / Systems of Health Care and Welfare / Social Research / International Medicine and Health / Social Welfare / Physiotherapy for Dysphagia / Sports Physiotherapy / Symptomatic Disorder / Gynecological Physiotherapy


Tadashi SUZUKI (Dean / Professor / MD)
Specialty・Cardiovascular Medicine

Mitsuru ASAKA (Chairman / Professor / Physiotherapist)
Specialty・Amputee / Respiratory Physical Therapy

Shigeyuki IMURA (Professor / Physiotherapist)
Specialty・Respiratory Physical Therapy / Education of Physiotherapy

Koichi IRISAWA (Professor)
Specialty・Coach for Speed Skating / Health Fitness Programming

Tsutomu KOBAYASHI (Professor / MD)

Satoshi TANAKA (Professor / MD)
Specialty・Internal Medicine / Rehabilitation Medicine

Nobuyuki TAKEUCHI (Professor / Physiotherapist)
Specialty・Physical Agents / Risk Management

Tsuyoshi YOSHIDA (Professor / Physiotherapist)
Specialty・Neurological Physical Therapy / Dysphagia

Kazumasa NAKAGAWA (Associate professor / Physiotherapist)
Specialty・Sports Physiotherapy / Health Promotion

Daisuke HIGUCHI (Associate professor / Physiotherapist)
Specialty・Spinal cord injury / Chronic pain

Hitomi UBUKATA (Lecturer / Physiotherapist)
Specialty・Woman’s health / Manual Physical Therapy

Tomoyuki SHINOHARA (Lecturer / Physiotherapist)
Specialty・Neurological Physical Therapy

Yusuke CHIGIRA (Lecturer / Physiotherapist / Prosthetist)
Specialty・Respiratory Physical Therapy / Orthography

Yoichi OHNO (Assistive professor / Physiotherapist)
Specialty・Neurological Physical Therapy / Parkinson’s disease

Kosuke SAIDA (Assistant / Physiotherapist)

Yuko TAKAHASHI (Assistant / Physiotherapist)

Shigeya TANAKA (Assistant / Physiotherapist)

Yosuke TOMITA (Assistant / Physiotherapist)