Child and Family Support Center


Takasaki University of Health and Welfare established the Child and Family Support Center in 2005 to support the health of children and their families. Since then, the center has been working to tackle mental and physical health issues through consultations with pediatricians, psychiatrists, nurses, clinical psychologists, social workers and childcare specialists.

Parent and Child Classroom

This program started in April 2006, All parents and children who are able to visit the center are welcome to attend. Sessions are held from Monday to Thursday, twice a month on alternate weeks from 10:30 to 12:00.
They are divided in five or six groups of parents with pre-kindergarten children aged 0 to 3. At these sessions, parents and children enjoy seasonal songs, exercises, and creative activities as well as sharing a lunch box together before going home. During the lunch break, a selected professional such as a psychologist, pediatrician, family health specialist, childcare specialist, or a mental health and welfare specialist will deliver a very short lecture related to their specialty after which parents can follow up with questions or other inquiries about child rearing issues among others.

This program is one of the core activities of the Center and has been shown that mothers who have participated in in this Parent and Child Classroom have experienced among other benefits a very important mood improvement.

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General Support Services

We counsel your child with anxiety in child rearing.
If you have requirement for consultation,
Please contact us by Fax and E-mail.

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Consultation by fax for specialists

We offer consultation by fax or e-mail by childcare specialists, kindergarten teachers, teachers, health nurses, clinical psychologists and social workers to those seeking assistance in all related issues including s health consultations and personal issues,.

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Faxes can be sent at any time. We will reply within one week. For issues that are difficult to handle by fax alone, we offer examination of case studies or supervision at the Child and Family Support Center.